Hello.. I am Danielle I reblog for the most part. This blog started out as a personal place to ramble about what is on my mind rather than posting it to FB where people judge... I am an artist first and foremost. I love sculpting, making synthetic hair designs (especially mixed media dread falls.) I constantly look at the world for inspiration for my sense of fashion... I am really into repurposing and upcycling clothing.. I am always learning how to sew. I enjoy shock value for my fashion sense, but I can be that laid back toned down girl that I find myself to be in Cali. Born and raised in the armpit of Arkansas, but California is my heart. I lived in Ojai, San Fran, and Humboldt County. Recently relocated from Portland Oregon... Back in Ojai. 3 times a charm right? I am always open to talking to anyone and making new friends. On this blog, expect mostly the random... For the most part...hair related topics, sewing projects, alternative fashion, underground culture, and probably a lot of Nor Cal pics and So Cal pics. I really miss Humboldt Co., so expect me to follow you if you have anything to do with Humboldt, Ojai, or anything to do with the Golden State for that matter... I was born on Halloween/Samhain so it is often reflected in my personality.. I love the mystery that is life and I do get down often, but try to stay on the upside as much as possible.. I welcome all people.. Come and stay awhile.. Reblog anything that you would like!! I also love getting questions anon or personal!

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